Want to color a pokemon but don’t want to spend money buying coloring books? Look no further!

Hey everyone,

Today, I’m going to share you a very useful website where you can find hundreds of pokemon images (actually, all pokemon up to X/Y)! The best part is, they’re free!

Head over to this website and select your favorite pokemon to color! There are 37 pages to choose from, all of the images have a complete label (dex number and English name)!

Though the website is specifically aimed at printing the color pages for coloring using a color pencil or any old-school methods, why contribute to global warming when you can color these yourself using Microsoft Paint, Paint Dot Net, Photoshop, etc? Printing means you’re making it harder for yourself to color (unless you’re a good artist), and you’re indirectly supporting people who are illegally cutting down trees in the Amazon Rainforest and other natural forests of the world, which contributes to global warming and climate change.

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