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Hey everyone,

It’s been ages since I last posted anything, whether it’s updates or articles. Well I’ve been both lazy and busy with university life…

Today, I’m going to share with you another cool thing about Siri, which I just discovered moments ago.

If you’re a pokemon fan, this tip will really amaze you…

If you didn’t know, Siri can actually be used as a pokedex. Yes, it’s true. Try activating Siri, and say ‘search Wolfram for {PokemonNameHere}’, and see what Siri has to say…

The result that you will get is pretty much what you’d expect from a dedicated Pokedex app – name, height, type, etc including base stats and image, as shown in the screenshot below.

A screenshot showing Siri's output when the command 'search Wolfram for Medicham' is spoken.

Note the screenshot only shows the top half, but you should get the idea of how it works.

Note 2: As this powerful engine relies on Siri, which relies primarily on voice, a good pronunciation of pokemon names is vital. To get Siri to actually find information about Medicham, for example, I have to manually edit the input. Also this Siri-powered pokedex won’t give you information about moves learned (level up/egg/move tutor/TMs/HMs), evolution methods, and location in game. If you’re just looking for basic information of a pokemon and a picture of it that you can actually save to your i device, Siri is the answer (in fact, Siri-powered pokedex is designed to replicate the pokedex that Ash, May and Dawn used in the anime). But if you’re looking for something more powerful, E.G information about learnable moves for the purpose of team building, catch rate, evolution method or location in game, you’d still need a dedicated pokedex app.

And lastly, here’s a screenshot of some of the Pokemon images I managed to save to my iPhone 6 from Wolfram Alpha (Siri’s core engine).

A screenshot showing the 5 pokemon images I've saved from Wolfram Alpha. They are Medicham, Totodile, Pipplup, Salamence and Lilligant.

Enjoy pokemon searching!

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