The Sims 2 tip – how to build an apartment

Original publish date: December 19th, 2012

Ever want to build your own apartment in The Sims 2? Hate the default ones that come with the game? Well read this tip for how you can build your very own apartment! As the title suggests, YOU NEED THE SIMS 2 APARTMENT LIFE! Building apartments are not that hard. You build like normal. Choosing a residential lot to start with is the best, although I think community lots worked too. Some tips and rules:

  • You can have only 4 playable apartment. So it’s best to build only 4 apartments!
  • Make sure that each apartment is big enough to fit essential furniture (kitchen appliances, bathroom, bedroom, etc)!
  • Each apartment can only have 1 entrance! And you must use the apartment door that came with the expansion pack for the main entrance! Building gardens are fine, but make sure they are enclosed as well!
  • Building garages might be fine, but I had never tried it so you’re on your own with this!

Oh after you finished with the building part, do not forget to decorate public areas of the apartment. Add something for the public to use, E.G a stereo, a hot tub, etc. Furnishing individual apartments are fine, but it’s not worth-it since when you move your sims in all those furniture will be gone (although you can cheat to get back those furniture), and I think decorating individual apartments are very time-consuming. After you’ve happy with your work, open the cheat box by pressing CTRL+shift+C, and type “changelotzoning apartmentbase” without the quotes and press enter, then save your lot and exit the lot. By now in the neighborhood view when you click on the same lot the top should says something like ‘Space available’ instead of ‘For sale’. Hope this helps!

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