Some really cool hidden tricks in Windows


Today, I will share you some cool and interesting tricks in Windows that I have found on the internet.

First, is that you can open a Command Prompt right from Task Manager!

To do this, open Task Manager, and click on File –> New Task, while holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard.

Screenshot 2013-08-23 15.42.59

Second, is that you can safely exit Windows Explorer!

To do this, press the Windows key or click on the start button, and press shift+CTRL while right-clicking on empty areas of the start menu, and you will get the option to close Explorer safely.

Screenshot 2013-08-23 15.43.17

To start Explorer, press CTRL+shift+ESC, click on File –> New Task, and type e”explorer” without the quotes and press enter.

Discovered more cool Windows tricks? Share them in the comments!

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