Run programs safely, without harming your Windows system!

Hey guys,

Today, I will share you a program, which…allows you to run programs in an isolated environment (A.K.A sandboxed environment). This is very safe, as any changes made by the program is contained and you can easily delete the changes as they’re contained within the sandbox and thus not spread to other parts of your main system.

The program I’m talking about is Sandboxie, which is free, although around 30 days after installation you will get a prompt to upgrade, but it’s OK to ignore the notice.

With this software, you can basically run those strange download managers you find on file sharing sites, in order to get the file you want, and then use Windows Explorer to copy just the files you intend to download and then use the Sandboxie’s control panel to delete the other junk you don’t need. This way, you can avoid being infected by malware, and this is much easier than a virtual machine because you don’t need to reinstall Windows, and most importantly, it saves time and hard disk space.

This piece of software should be a must for anyone who download files from file sharing sites often, as it is really a great helper in eliminating malware infections, and make sure that you get only the files you’re looking for.

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