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Hey everyone,

I know, it’s been like ages since I last posted any tips, tricks or reviews here. Well I’ve been busy with life and also I’m kind of lazy whenever I’m free…

But today, I will share with you yet more stuff that iOS’s Siri can do…

Currency conversion

This is something that I only discovered after playing around with it. Basically Siri can perform currency conversions, just like any other apps you may have seen on the App Store! But the best part is, Siri’s currency conversion is totally free and no adds!

The only problem is that you got to learn how to pronounce the currency of a country properly, so that Siri can understand you. This could be a problem for non-English speakers. Siri is in fact available in many languages but I’ve only tested currency conversion in English.

Finding out dates

This is another cool feature that Siri can do, that I only discovered once I played around with it. You can find out the day of any particularly date, even in the past and even in the future, and I really mean it. For example, you can ask Siri to find what day is it on November 11th, 1918 (end of World War I), or even the day of the week on, let’s say, January 1st, 2100 (85 years from now)! Like currency conversion, I’ve only tested this in English, so I’m not sure how well it will work with other languages, but if your English is good enough, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Note asking for the day of the week even works for public holidays, E.G Christmas, New Years Day, Chinese New Year, Songkran, etc…though the accuracy of this will depend on the Siri language, especially for holidays unique to a particular country.

Perform Mathematical computations

Yes, this is actually a cool feature. You can ask Siri to perform just almost about any Math problems you have, E.G ask it to solve the equation x^2+3x+4=0, find |x+3|=10, etc. I think even advance calculus even works, but never try. And for your information, most, if not all, Mathematical results are powered by WolframAlpha. Once again I’ve only tested this in English and even so it is not working too well. You have to pronounce certain expressions in a certain way so that Siri can understand, and I believe this won’t work particularly well with non-English languages, but once again I haven’t try that extensively.

Find places

This is another cool feature, and in fact a very cool feature of Siri. You can ask Siri to find any kinds of places (temples, churches, mosques, train/bus stations, ports, restaurants, theaters, schools, universities, hospitals, etc). And you can ask Siri to do that not just in your local area, but…virtually anywhere around the world. Try asking Siri to find a hospital in Beijing, and see what Siri has to give you. I think this is the one feature that…I think works well in all languages, both English and non-English.

Hint: If you say to Siri something like ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I’m thirsty’, Siri will even list you appropriate places!

Give directions

I’m sure most of you know this already, so I won’t go into much detail. But what I found out is, you can ask Siri to give you directions not just to a specific place, but even to other cities from your current location, or even across the borders of neighboring countries! Even asking Siri to give directions from one place or city to another, E.G from London to Moscow or from New York City to Los Angeles works! Note I’ve tried this only with the English language, so I don’t know how well this feature works with non-English languages. Also not everywhere, or at least every city/country supports this, in terms of being able to provide directions, and Siri can’t give you directions to very distant places, E.G from Bangkok to Moscow or from London to New York City.

Hint: If you want to find directions from the capital city of one country to the capital city of another country, you can do so just by asking Siri to give directions from one country to another, E.G from Thailand to Laos and Siri will automatically assume you want the capital cities.

Well, these are just some of the very cool and useful features of Siri that most of you probably didn’t aware of. There are other features, too, but they’re not that useful in real life, except weather forecasts in any part of the world, but I’m sure most of you already know about this.


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