How to use cloud storage effectively, without costing any money

Original publish date: July 5th, 2013


In today’s computing world, cloud storage has becoming increasingly more important. One reason for its success is its ease of use and even now with the age of tablets and smartphones, the intigration with those devices through their respective native apps. Also another reason for its success is that cloud storage and cloud syncrinization eliminates the need for a USB drive.

So, today I will try to explain how you can effectively use cloud storage, without having to pay much at all.

This only involves one thing, and that is the use of multiple services. Google Drive now has 15GB of free storage, so you should use that for your personal photos and videos. Sky Drive now has 7GB for new users, but if you’re like me who had an old Microsoft account, you get to keep 25GB, which is more than enough. Lastly there are other services like Dropbox. Dropbox has only 2GB, but you can increase that storage by refering friends, simple! You get 500MB for every friend who joins and installs Dropbox on their computer.

Now, lets total up the storage available, assuming you have totally new Microsoft and Dropbox accounts. The total storage that you should have, when these 3 services combined, is 24GB. But, if you have 25GB of Sky Drive already, then this will jump to 49GB, and this number will grow bigger if you gain more storage through referrals on Dropbox. 49GB is more than enough for anything that you have, and that saves a lot of backup storage that you need.

Of course, you can increase this amount further, by paying for upgraded storage, and that will give you a lot more storage, but those can cost a lot, so you’d better stick to free services.

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