How to get good-quality videos in The Sims 2

Original publish date: January 2nd, 2013

The above youtube video is an example of good-quality Sims 2 video. You can get your videos in that quality too! All that you have to do, is go into your camera options, and under the ‘Video’ section, set the quality to ‘High’, not ‘High uncompressed’. This would make the video smaller

Also you may want to change the length of the recording to something like 300 seconds, not the default as it is too short.

Now, try recording some shots, and compare them with your older recordings. You’ll noticed that the animations are smooth, and the picture will not be blurry, like in the above video.

Note: Even with the quality of the camera set to high, I don’t think the videos are recorded in HD, since the camera in Sims 2 is quite old, so no you can’t have something like a crystal-clear 1080P HD Sims 2 videos recorded using the game’s built-in camera. If you really want a 1080P Sims 2 videos, you should use other recording software to do the recording, and then do further editing in your favorite video editor, and export it as 1080P HD format.

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