How to extract soundtracks from The Sims 2 without actually installing the game!

Original publish date: January 15th, 2013

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So, if you don’t know already, you can extract soundtracks from The Sims 2 game without installing it!

Basically the old method is that you copy the files from the installed directory of the game and rename those ‘build’, ‘buy, ‘cas’, and ‘neighborhood’.package files to .mp3 extension. Well that requires an installation of a program over a gigabyte in size, which is something that you don’t want to do, just to get an mp3 file worth a few megabytes. Let me tell you again, you don’t need to install the whole game!

What you need is the complete installation package of The Sims 2; any expansion pack, but not stuff pack! Either downloaded via torrents or an old CD/DVD that you might have lying around.

No matter where and how you obtained the installation package, the method is the same. If what you have is a CD or DVD, insert it into the DVD drive of your computer. When an auto play window comes up, close it! Same goes for if you downloaded and mounted the iso file!. If you got a compressed archive package, extract it to somewhere.

Once you are able to access the main installation folder of the game, find the file ‘’. Extract that file to somewhere, and go into TSDataResSound folder. There you will find a bunch of .package files. The ones that you want is the ones with the name ‘Build’, ‘Buy, ‘Cas’, and ‘Neighborhood’. These are the main soundtracks of the game! Simply rename them to .mp3 and voila! You’ve extracted soundtracks from The Sims 2 in its original quality! Now you can use it for anything E.G for your rington (requires further editing) or for one of the songs in your movie projects!

Although some of you may argue that you can download soundtrack video clips from Youtube, but these are often with a modified sound quality, and so is no longer original, in other words, those you get from Youtube may not have the same quality as the ones extracted directly from the game, since those that you extracted from the game will be exactly what you will hear while playing the game, although the drawback to this is that if you no longer have the installation media, you will have to download everything again, which can be a waste of space and time and if you have a low hard drive space, then you may have to rely on Youtube videos, which like I said may not have the same sound quality as the ones you extracted from the game.

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