How to extract Pokemon sprites easily with Photoshop!

Original publish date: June 22nd, 2013


So, previously I’ve wrote about how you could extract Sims from screenshots, but surprisingly similar steps worked for extracting Pokemon sprites too!

What you need:

  • A Pokemon game, any generation.
  • Photoshop, any version with the magic wand and the crop tool.

Steps are very similar to the steps required to extract Sims, so refer to that article for details on how to do it; the key difference is that screenshots of a Pokemon sprites must be taken in a place where there is clear contrast between the sprites and the background, like in the Pokedex.

Note: This only works if you are playing your Pokemon game on an emulator! You can get away with a DS or GBA console, but you need a camera and you have to put up with significantly poorer image quality, depending on the camera you use, and also you need to import the photo into your computer as well, whereas with screenshots of an emulator session the picture is in your clipboard, or in a better case, it is saved somewhere already.

No matter how you achieved it, you should end up with a Pokemon sprite of your own; no more trouble of extensive internet searching for good Pokemon sprites!

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