Did you know that you can put Sims 3 soundtracks into Sims 2?

Original publish date: July 16th, 2013


As I stated in my previous article on how to put custom music into The Sims 2, surprisingly, this same idea works for putting soundtracks from The Sims 3 into the game as well!

You don’t need the full Sims 3 game to get the soundtracks! What you really need is, apart from your existing Sims 2 game, a copy of Sims 3 soundtrack, either purchased from iTunes, Amazon or etc, or downloaded from somewhere.

Once you have the soundtracks you want, just put them into the Music folder in your EAGamesThe Sims 2 folder!

Tip: It is most sensible if you put those soundtracks into either ‘Build’, ‘Buy’, ‘CAS’, and ‘Nhood’ folders, since they’re most suitable for such a soundtrack, but you can put it in any folder you want.

Next, go ahead and launch the game, load up a neighborhood, and get ready to enjoy the new soundtracks from The Sims 3! Although it may not load at first, but that’s normal since the soundtrack that is loaded with each session is quite random.

Enjoy listening to Sims 3 soundtracks in your Sims 2 game!

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