A quick tip on installing The Sims 3

Hey everyone,

Today I will share you a quick tip on installing The Sims 3, including all expansion and stuff packs.

Simply, if you got a folder with installers for all the expansion and stuff packs listed in alphabetical order (A-Z), you can install in that order! The big advantage to this is that you virtually saved time updating the game, since when you install an older pack, the installer won’t prompt you to update the game at all

.In addition to that order, you can virtually install the expansion and stuff packs in any order, but you must always install the base game first. Installing in alphabetical order even works if you got a stack of DVDs for the EPs and SPs, just make sure they’re stacked in alphabetical order, with Ambitions on the top of the pile. Perhapes the best time-saving method: Install Into The Future pack expansion pack first, and forget about updating the game altogether, since the installers for other expansion and stuff packs won’t even prompt for update!

Hope this helps!

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