Something cool about witches in The Sims 3!

Original publish date: February 15th, 2013

Hey guys!

So, after playing around with Sims 3 for a while, I had discovered something amazing with witches in The Sims 3!

Note: You can only get witches if you have the Supernatural expansion pack installed!

Firstly, witches can be created right in CAS! That’s right, no more befriending grand witches/asking to cast Magus Mutatio spell! Also witches in Sims 3 retains the original appearance (skin color, hair style, clothing, etc)! No more green skin and dark/light clothings!

Secondly, casting spells doesn’t require any reagents! That’s right, no more dragon scales, crystalized moonbeams, etc! I suppose the magic bar is the replacement; when it runs out, you will not be able to cast any spells, similar to if you ran out of reagents in Sims 2. But unlike with Sims 2, the magic power can be re-fueled easily; so no more wasting time crafting those dragon scales in the cauldron!

Thirdly, witches can kill other sims directly by casting the curse ‘haunting curse’. Although witches in Sims 2 can kill sims with inflammo, but that is indirect. Inflammo still exists in Sims 3 but it is now called ‘fire blast’. Exflammo also still exists, but like inflammo it is now called ‘ice blast’. Both fire blaster and ice blaster perform pretty much the same function as inflammo/exflammo (fire blaster sets targeted area on fire, ice blaster puts out fire), however unlike in Sims 2 fire blaster/ice blaster can be casted on sims, and ice blaster can actually freeze a sim. I’ve just learned this by reading about it around the web!

Fourthly, witches can summon apples! Although this ability exists in Sims 2, but the spell summons random food. In Sims 3, it is fixed to just apples, no other food.

Above are just some interesting stuff that I had discovered with Sims 3. If anything more interesting is discovered, they’ll be posted on this website.

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