Some more discoveries in The Sims 3

Original publish date: April 13th, 2013


As always, as I continued to mess about with Sims 3, I had discovered new things non-stop. Some, or even most, were discovered by reading on the internet.

The latest discovery that I will talk about today is one such example of something that I initially found on the internet.

What I had discovered is alien’s true great power in The Sims 3. Yep, aliens played more roles in Sims 3 than that of Sims 2. Aliens come with the Seasons expansion pack, just for reference.

In Sims 2, aliens only have green skin, nothing special. But with Sims 3, aliens not only have different skin tones, but also possesses great powers that can cause wide range of effects from harmless ones to catastrophic ones.

One such power of alien that I had have a blast with is the ability to summon meteors. Meteors are new in Sims 3. Starting with Ambitions expansion pack, meteors can fall and cause deaths. With aliens, triggering this is just a piece of cake. I had fun summoning meteors, hoping that it will kill an NPC in return for free space rocks, which seemed to work like miracle!

Also, aliens can probe other sims, which is nothing much, other than a bit of fun out of it.

Another major thing that I had discovered is alien abduction. Note this is not new at all; having been introduced back in Sims 2. Unlike with Sims 2, this time I had, for my first time, witness an actual abduction, which is quite cool.

What I simply did is have a sim use a telescope. But, however, something bizarre happened. The sim that is being abducted did not actually use a telescope! Note I’m not the only one; I’ve came across several others who had the same experience. I must say, I find it very weird.

Now, back to alien-summoned meteors. As you know already, these meteors can kill sims. I have had 2 incidents of sims dying from meteor crash, the first had happened to my 3 sims, while the second happened to an NPC, but all of them did not actually die thanks to the unlucky trait.

Also on another note, I had seen one video of alien-summoned meteors crashing on to crowded places and have reported 0 deaths, I think that is because the meteor did not actually strike the sim. In my second incident of meteor crash, one NPC was standing at the edge of the meteor shadow, and that NPC got crushed. I guest it’s something to do with the position of sims, but I suspect they will only get killed if they stand in the spot where the resulting space rock falls directly on them. Or another possibility is that non-player created sims cannot die, since I remember the NPC who died is a sim from my another family, but I will have to investigate further.

Update: I’ve just gave my alien sim another go at meteor crash, and I can confirm that even NPCs can perish. The thing to make NPCs die from a meteor crash is that they got to be in the meteor shadow – the darker portion on the ground. I’ve tried it and the impact killed 4 sims, sadly including one of my sim lol. Below is a video that I’ve recorded during the event to prove it.

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