Some cool stuff about the new Sims 3 Island Paradise expansion pack!

Original publish date: June 25th, 2013


So, as most Sims 3 players are aware, today EA releases the long-awaited The Sims 3 Island Paradise. Like other new expansion packs, there are new features, and today after trying it out…I must say they’re very impressive!

First, obviously is the new world, Isla Paradiso. This world is just…full of islands, probably to take advantage of the new features introduced in this new expansion pack. Also you will notice that the water color is different from other worlds. I’m not sure whether this change is global or just for this world, but if you want to prove it, after installing this new expansion pack continue on your old world, and see what happens. I believe that older worlds may require modifications, in order to take advantage of new features introduced in Island Paradise.

Second, is the fact that you can build on water! Amazing! This is something completely new to The Sims series, and I guest this is best suited for the new world, since from what I’ve seen there aren’t many land areas to build on. Now you can create sprawling offshore communities, or even try to simulate a town back in the old times before roads were built! The main advantage of this is that this solves the problems of overcongestion, and if you’re playing in older worlds, you can at least take advantage of this feature, to hopefully add more houses to your ever growing number of Sims. Not only does congestion on land become less of a problem, but this new building methods mean that the whole world can be expanded greatly. Take this new world as an example. Without this water building feature, then the expandability of the world would be extremely limited; thanks to this new feature residential and community/shopping areas can extend beyond the coasts.

Third, is the ability to travel by boat. This is necessary, in order to allow transportation between isolated lots offshore and the main islands where the main town is located.

Last but not least, is new interactions. From hat I’ve tried, you can let Sims play in the sand and even build/destroy sandcastles! Great!

A word of warning, if you have pets in your family, particularly horses, you’re in trouble if you move your family on to lots offshore, since horses can’t graze on sand, and even with artificial grass terrain paint, horses still will not graze, but you can still buy a hay for your horses, which will provide them with an alternative for their food.

That’s probably all that I had discovered so far; more discoveries will be posted later as I explore this new expansion pack further!

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