Even more cool Sims 3 discoveries

Original publish date: April 1st, 2013


So, over the course of a few weeks, after some more playing around with The Sims 3, I had discovered more cool stuff, mainly those that came with the Supernatural expansion pack.

The first thing is that fairies can be created in CAS! Although this is not new for those of you that have been playing it since its release, but for those that are too busy to play and just got some chance, this will be new for you. There aren’t too many fairy-specific options, only the style of the wings and the wing color (yes, fairies can fly!) But overall, I can say the customization is quite limited (yeah, you can’t even change the transparency of the wings!)

Second, fairies do have magic powers, similar to witches. They can play tricks and place traps, which is very cool.

Third, fairies are much easier to take care than a normal sim. This is because with the fairy house object, they can re-fill their hunger, fun and energy need all in a single item, which is very handy. Technically, fairies need only a toilet!

Lastly, is the weirwolfs. They are not too exciting though, but they can transform between weirwolf and human form at anytime, except during full moon where they’re forced to stay in weirwolf form. Also, weirwolfs can destroy furnitures, like dogs and cats.

Those are just some new stuff that I had discovered, more will be added in later posts.

P.S this is not an April fool, it’s the real deal.

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