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Hey, sorry for not posting here for ages; I’m very busy with school (IB is quite a lot of work).

Most of you should have known by now that iOS 7 is now out, and hopefully upgraded. For those that didn’t upgrade yet, you should, as there are many new features that you might like.

Right after the upgrade, the first thing you’ll notice is that the interface is totally different; below are screenshots comparing the differences.

iOS 6 lockscreeniOS7 lockscreen

iOS6 homescreeniOS7 homescreen

It’s not just the home screen and the lock screen that has received interface changes; the Settings app, Voice Control, Camera, search, app switcher and notifications center also received complete interface changes. Below are screenshots comparing the differences between iOS 6 and 7.

iOS6 settingsiOS7 settings

iOS6 Voice ControliOS7 Voice Control

iOS6 cameraiOS7 camera

iOS6 searchiOS7 search

iOS6 App SwitcheriOS7 App Switcher

iOS6 Notifications CenteriOS7 Notifications Center

Note about the app switcher: In iOS 7, the app switcher is fullscreen, with previews of running apps, as illustrated by the app switcher screenshot above. Also, with iOS 7, you can just swipe up with one finger (3 fingers if VoiceOver is activated) to close an app, which is way better than iOS 6 where you have to tap and hold (double-tap and hold if VoiceOver is activated), then tap on the red minus sign (double-tap on the app if VoiceOver is activated) to close an app.

There are also changes and additions to Siri, but they’re not shown here since I don’t have access to Siri because I’m on an iPhone 4, which doesn’t support Siri.

In addition, on iPhone, FaceTime is now its own app, and the Newsstand behaves more like an app, rather than like a folder.

There are also many new features that yhave been added to iOS 7, but they’re too many to be shown in this article.

In my opinion, I do like the changes, since they made iOS looked and behaved more modern, and I think iOS hasn’t receive any major interface changes since its first launch back in 2007/08. Also, I do like the new app switcher. It’s much easier to use, and…at the same time looks more modern.

Also, all iOS 6 screenshots are taken with my 4th generation iPod Touch, and all iOS 7 screenshots are taken with my iPhone 4, since that’s the only device that can be upgraded to iOS 7.

Note: iOS 7 will only work on iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, or an iPod Touch 5th generation or later!

Hope you enjoy using iOS 7!

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