A note about Debut and Switch Sound File Converter

Hey guys,

I’m sure, you heard about Debut and Switch, both made by NCH Software. Most of you would have probably recalled that they had free versions of these software.

But…well, according from my latest tests, it’s no longer the case. There’s not even a mention about freeware versions of the software.

So, I decided to uninstall both, and instead I went for BB Flashback Express and Format Factory for screen recording and file conversion, respectively. Both are free. BB Flashback requires registration, but it’s totally free as well. For screen recording, I could go back to Camstudio, but I think that program has some issues, mainly with audio/video sync.

So, if you’re looking for programs to record your computer screen and to convert audio and video files, go for BB Flashback Express and Format Factory, respectively. As mentioned both are free. Of course, beware of any unwanted bundles that may came with the program; untick those boxes or use a small tool called Unchecky to keep those unwanted checkboxes clear.

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