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New forum is live

Hey guys;

Remember my last post where I talked about a new forum? Well after testing with a few forum hosting providers and a forum software, I decided to settle on a forum software that I used in the past, PHPBB3. From the date that my last post was published you may notice that when you click on the forums link on the navigation bar it takes you to a forum. Well I originally intended for it to by my new permanent forum, but decided to scrap that idea in favor of the self-hosted forum.

Now, you may ask…why did I go back to using a standalone forum software instead of a forum plugin for WordPress? My answer is, although BB Press makes for a good forum plugin and is certainly quite popular, the feature set available is extremely limited. No attachments, post reporting or private messaging out of the box, and…I think it wasn’t really meant to compete with dedicated forum software.

Also, you may ask…why PHPBB3? Well…I don’t really have an idea. I was at first still deciding between PHPBB and MyBB (the one I use to use before switching to intigrated forum solution) and SMF. One thing I was looking for is the ability to easily install extensions and remove them easily, and an automatic update system similar to WordPress, but none of them seems to have that, although in the case of PHPBB the release notes for the latest version (3.2.0) did mention that the update process will be simpler than the older versions.

But still, if even the new forum is not being used, I may eventually remove it completely, effectively stripping this website down to the bone. Also since this website rarely receives comments or show signs of activity (and when there are comments, they’re usually just some random spam comments), I’m considering whether to even keep this website online. Currently I’m paying about 5000-6000 Thai baht per year just to keep this site going. Even my personal blog received very light traffic, but for the blog I’m using a free service, so cost is not a factor. One solution to resolve the inactivity issue of this site, though, is to merge my personal blog with this site. This means exporting all posts from that blog and importing them into this site. This effectively combines both my personal blog and this site into a single identity. The advantage is that, by doing so I would be forced to use this site to post my life updates, and since I tend to do that quite often this would make keeping this site alive worthwhile.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Major changes to the site coming

Hey guys;

I know it’s been a while since I last posted here, in fact a long while since anything new came up on this site apart from the addition of some new files in the downloads section. Well I’ve either been busy with university or too lazy to add things to this site.

Oh, you may ask…what about maintenance (WordPress updates, plugins, themes, etc)? Well I don’t have to do any of that, because…thankfully Just Host Host has a very nice automatic update feature that fully supports WordPress, which means that I literally don’t have to do anything; all updates are done automatically. Gone are the days of manually updating site software and plugins!

Alright, enough of that stuff…let’s get to the main topic…

So, over the past days I’ve been thinking what changes I could bring to the forum, and I’ve made up my mind about the future changes to this site…

Mainly, I’m going to scale down this site. Yep, this site will be significantly scaled down. Forums and user registration system are the features that will go. I’ve decided to get rid of them, for now as…the forums have seen literally no activity whatsoever, and, although I’ve received new registrations from time to time, these accounts were never used actively in any way. But the contact form, the tutorials and articles, and the downloads will remain. Also due to the fact that I’m going to disable new user registration, I’ll have to enable guest comments on pages and articles. But…this doesn’t mean that you can freely use this system to spam the site; any spam comments will be removed.

But if you still want a forum, I have another good news. Just today, I’ve started to set up another forum, this time hosted on a forum hosting platform. It’s a full-featured forum, like MyBB that I’ve used in the past. This forum features private messaging, topics subscription, calendar and more. Attachments, however, won’t be included due to the fact that the hosting service only gives me 20MB of storage space. 20MB is virtually useless for forum attachments. So if you want to link to a file, such as images, please use an esternal image hosting platform, and then imbed your images using the post editor. The forum is at

Anyways, that’s it for now…

Header image added

Hey visitors,

Ever since this website was created 4 years ago, the only thing that is missing graphically is the header image of the site, apart from a few versions of WordPress where this has been inserted automatically.

Now, that has changed! I’ve just inserted a new header image. the design is a direct inspiration of Windows 8’s flat design, and it is also the cover photo of the site’s fanpage on Facebook.

Hope you guys like it 🙂 .

Downloads are now back

Hi everyone,

So, today I finally managed to get all downloads up again, although with some differences. Firstly, the labels for the links are now always ‘Download’ followed by the file type. Also, you may have noticed that I haven’t uploaded all the poems yet. I’ll get that up at some point, along with the diary entries for the recent year 13 Mae Sot trip, but…overall, things seem to be going very well.

As for why the site is down, I’m not sure yet; although I’m suspecting that it is due to some sort of glitches with the server or bugs with some of the plugins I have here. I cut out hacking as a cause as I don’t imagine why anyone would want to hack my website as it is entirely a personal site that doesn’t generate any money for me; and I’m sure my friends aren’t skilled enough to even try to hack into my website; nor can they afford to commission a hacker to do so.


What’s up, everyone!

So, it’s like nearly 6 months since I last posted here. Well I’ve been quite busy with IB, and I don’t know what to post here as well.

But…I’ve done some smaller updates. Well the software itself has been upgraded, although you may not notice the change, since it’s mostly admin-related stuff. Also, more downloads have been added, mainly the diaries for the 3 residential trips, and also a box where you can ask me questions on is now available! But…please read the guideline above the box first, as I hate dealing with spam messages.

Other than that, I guess that’s it for now…

Site has got a facelift!

Hey guys!

So, it’s been ages since I last posted updates to this site. Well I’ve been busy with school (yeah, IB is hard work), and I’m quite lazy as well.

But, as of today, you’ll notice that the site has got a major overhaul. I’ve upgraded the WordPress software to 3.8, and with it came a new theme, which I had applied. I must say it looked awesome and professional!

Also, I’ve done some smaller updates, mainly to the forums, in terms of adding functionalities, such as attachments and the ability to report inappropriate posts.

That’s it for now…


Hey people,

So, over the past few days, there hasn’t been much changes to the site, other than the addition of contents.

Well, that’s because currently things are working perfectly as it should. I did tried to use a plugin that would allow the creation of more customizable profile, but that proved unsuccessful as the antispam plugin didn’t work well with the profile plugin, so it had to be disabled. But otherwise there hasn’t been much changes at all.

I guess that’s probably it for now…

Guestbook removed


After some testing with the guestbook, I have decided to remove it, mainly because the guestbook plugin didn’t fit my exact needs. This also means that I’m closing comments to non-registered users as well, in order to prevent spam. If you’re a registered member, you can still comment though.

Also, the ‘About’ page has been added, similar to the old About page in the old site, with similar content.

That’s it for now…

More updates


So, over the last 24 hours or so, there has been quite a lot of changes.

This is mainly to fix things up, and to make sure that the site looks good.

But, the main change that you will notice as of today is a new theme, and the addition of a guestbook. Yes, it’s back after having been removed for months.

However, due to the nature of how this new guestbook behaves – it uses the WordPress comments system, I have to enable guess commenting for all other contents as well. Maybe I’ll find a better one, or I may just leave things as is. So, please do not spam and/or troll, I do not appriciate that and any of those items found will be removed, repeated spamming will result in the return of the registration requirement for comments, which will ultimately defeat the purpose of the existance of the guestbook.

That’s it for now…