Major changes to the site coming

Hey guys;

I know it’s been a while since I last posted here, in fact a long while since anything new came up on this site apart from the addition of some new files in the downloads section. Well I’ve either been busy with university or too lazy to add things to this site.

Oh, you may ask…what about maintenance (WordPress updates, plugins, themes, etc)? Well I don’t have to do any of that, because…thankfully Just Host Host has a very nice automatic update feature that fully supports WordPress, which means that I literally don’t have to do anything; all updates are done automatically. Gone are the days of manually updating site software and plugins!

Alright, enough of that stuff…let’s get to the main topic…

So, over the past days I’ve been thinking what changes I could bring to the forum, and I’ve made up my mind about the future changes to this site…

Mainly, I’m going to scale down this site. Yep, this site will be significantly scaled down. Forums and user registration system are the features that will go. I’ve decided to get rid of them, for now as…the forums have seen literally no activity whatsoever, and, although I’ve received new registrations from time to time, these accounts were never used actively in any way. But the contact form, the tutorials and articles, and the downloads will remain. Also due to the fact that I’m going to disable new user registration, I’ll have to enable guest comments on pages and articles. But…this doesn’t mean that you can freely use this system to spam the site; any spam comments will be removed.

But if you still want a forum, I have another good news. Just today, I’ve started to set up another forum, this time hosted on a forum hosting platform. It’s a full-featured forum, like MyBB that I’ve used in the past. This forum features private messaging, topics subscription, calendar and more. Attachments, however, won’t be included due to the fact that the hosting service only gives me 20MB of storage space. 20MB is virtually useless for forum attachments. So if you want to link to a file, such as images, please use an esternal image hosting platform, and then imbed your images using the post editor. The forum is at

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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