Downloads are now back

Hi everyone,

So, today I finally managed to get all downloads up again, although with some differences. Firstly, the labels for the links are now always ‘Download’ followed by the file type. Also, you may have noticed that I haven’t uploaded all the poems yet. I’ll get that up at some point, along with the diary entries for the recent year 13 Mae Sot trip, but…overall, things seem to be going very well.

As for why the site is down, I’m not sure yet; although I’m suspecting that it is due to some sort of glitches with the server or bugs with some of the plugins I have here. I cut out hacking as a cause as I don’t imagine why anyone would want to hack my website as it is entirely a personal site that doesn’t generate any money for me; and I’m sure my friends aren’t skilled enough to even try to hack into my website; nor can they afford to commission a hacker to do so.

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