More updates


So, over the last 24 hours or so, there has been quite a lot of changes.

This is mainly to fix things up, and to make sure that the site looks good.

But, the main change that you will notice as of today is a new theme, and the addition of a guestbook. Yes, it’s back after having been removed for months.

However, due to the nature of how this new guestbook behaves – it uses the WordPress comments system, I have to enable guess commenting for all other contents as well. Maybe I’ll find a better one, or I may just leave things as is. So, please do not spam and/or troll, I do not appriciate that and any of those items found will be removed, repeated spamming will result in the return of the registration requirement for comments, which will ultimately defeat the purpose of the existance of the guestbook.

That’s it for now…

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